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When you come to Anna's Healing Massage, you can be sure that you will be taken care of by an experienced therapist. Learn more about the founder (and one of the therapists) at Anna's Healing Massage. I am located in an easily accessible and secure building in Saint Paul, MN. I provide competitive pricing on all our services. FREE parking lot is available.
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A Knowledgeable and Caring Therapist

I went to Saint Paul College for my training. I received my Therapeutic Massage Certificate in 2003 (500 hours), and my Associate in Applied Science for Clinical Massage Degree in 2005 (1500 hours).
My continued education includes proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching, Thai massage, prenatal massage, Esalen massage, geriatric massage, trigger point therapy, aroma therapy, hot stone therapy and myofascial release. Being in this profession for the past 10 years, I have worked in various aspects of massage services, from chiropractic office, spa salons, nursing homes, outcalls, wellness centers and now in my own practitioner studio.
I tend to do more of deep tissue, trigger point and sports massages, although I can scale back for a relaxing Swedish massage and gentle light touch. My specialty is customizing every massage to fit each individual's needs. With my 10+ years of experience, I am committed to providing compassionate, intuitive and professionally licensed therapeutic bodywork treatments.
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“Anna’s years of experience and expertise as a massage therapist were very evident as she was able to identify specific problem areas and focus my session accordingly.
As a long-time headache sufferer, I appreciated Anna’s ability to address key areas to work toward overall headache management.
As an occupational therapist with two advanced degrees, I can vouch for Anna's working knowledge of the human body. Time and money well spent!”

– Jennifer S.
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